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Mr. Letocart
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Ethnicity White British
Age 50-60s
Position Oliver's wealthy benefactor
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by James Neill (1916)

Henry Stephenson (1948)
Joseph O'Conor (1968)
Anthony Finigan (1997)
Edward Hardwicke (2005)
Edward Fox (2007)

You were present on the occasion of the destruction of these trinkets, and indeed are the more guilty of the two, in the eye of the law; for the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction.

–Mr. Brownlow to Mr. Bumble


Mr. Brownlow is a wealthy and kind hearted gentleman who lives on Pentonville, an affluent London district at that time. One day, he was reading on a bookstall in an unnamed London street when suddenly the book vendor told him that his handkerchief had been stolen. Mr. Brownlow, mistakenly assumed Oliver is the thief, incited a hue and cry in the street to chase Oliver. In the magistrate office, Mr. Brownlow hunched that Oliver was actually innocent and wondered if he had seen the boy somewhere else. After Oliver was declared innocent by the book vendor's testimony, Mr. Brownslow brought the feverish Oliver to his home. Mr. Brownlow's friend, Mr. Grimwig, however, suspicious about Oliver and suggested Mr. Brownlow to give Oliver an errand to return a book and to see whether Oliver would come back or not. Oliver took that errand but he was seized by Nancy and Bill Sikes back to Fagin 's lair. 

Mr. Brownlow and Oliver Twist


The next day, Mr. Brownlow posted a reward on a newspaper to whoever know Oliver's whereabouts. Mr. Bumble saw this news and quickly seized this opportunity to told Mr. Brownlow that Oliver is a liar and a bad boy. Mr. Brownlow, much to Mrs. Bedwin's chagrin, believed that false information and soon moved to West Indies, in fear that Oliver might bring his companions to rob his house.  

Afterwards, Mr. Brownlow returned to London and settled on Craven Street. One day, Rose Maylie came with Oliver to told him about the boy's real story. Mr. Brownlow happily welcomed Oliver back and adopted him.


  • He is Oliver's Grandfather, Henry's, closest childhood friend.
  • He wanted to marry Oliver's father's sister, Lillian, but she died.